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Colorado Real EstateColorado Real Estate

Colorado real estate has emerged as one of the most stable economies in the US today.

The reasons for this are far-reaching but to sum it up: Colorado has breathtaking natural beauty, phenomenal weather (which boasts 300 days of sunshine a year), and a highly diversified economy.

Colorado is one of the richest states and it is going to stay that way for a very long time. Progressive yet environmentally friendly, the Centenial State is perfect for family living. Surprisingly, real estate in Colorado is affordable.

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The Centennial State

Colorado Scenery

Colorado is an awe-inspiring state with its glorious scenery of mountains, plains, rivers, and lakes. Geographically, Colorado is bordered by six states, namely, Nebraska, Kansas, Arizona, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Utah.

It was estimated that, as of July 2009, the population of the state is 5,024,748. It has increased at a rate of 16.82% since the start of the millennium. The capital of Colorado is Denver, the largest and most populous city of the state.

Before its statehood, it was known as the Colorado territory and it was nicknamed as “The Centennial State” because it was 100 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence when it became the 38th state of United States of America.

Colorado’s climate is rather complicated unlike most of the other states in the US. Northern Colorado is relatively warmer than Southern Colorado. The main cause of this is the elevation since Colorado has a lot of mountains and surrounding valleys. The local climate is greatly affected by the land’s topography.

It should be understood that with every increase of elevation, temperature decreases. Higher places should have greater precipitation as well. The main climatic division in Colorado occurs between the Rocky Mountains on the west and the plains on the east with the foothills forming a transitional zone between the two.